Transformational Ministries:   Is a ministry devoted to the building up of the Saint, setting the captive free, opening the blind eyes causing the lame to walk upright and to proclaim the good news to the poor in spirit.  Luke 4:18-19.  All too often people face obstacles, fall into situations that cause them to run dry or experience difficulties that seem too overwhelming. They know the truth but are still in captivity, what's the difference?

These ministries include:

Living Free: A Christian program where those who participate will find freedom from life controlling issues such as; co-dependency, alcohol, drugs, eating or sexual addictions, and compulsions.                     

Jn.8: 31-32 You shall know the TRUTH and the TRUTH will make you free when you do what the Truth tells you to do. 

Divorce Care: A Biblically based support group where you can find help and healing from the pain of separation or divorce.

Stephen Ministry: A Ministry devoted to those who experienced a loss; loved one, spouse or tragic event.