For Women

The bond created between Christians is such a sweet thing, and a bond between sisters is just as sweet and beautiful. The women's ministry, allows all women of AFA to come together and experience that sisterly bond; creating moments and experiences that not only unites us with other women but connects us to Godly women. The women's ministry tries to have at least one activity a month, and our possibilities are endless. We laugh together, lift each other up, encourage one another, and we work hard to create an inviting atmosphere because one more is always welcome. The women's ministry is simply a gathering of women who seek fellowship, comfort, growth, understanding, and a place to belong in a God led environment. 

  Leader: Amy Mott      

Upcoming Events

Saturday, December 8th - Trip to Billy Graham Library. Leaving church @ 3:30pm. Eating Lunch at Nana's Soul Kitchen. You will be responsible for your meal

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