For Men

Jesus said, "¦. I came that they may have AND ENJOY life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows). John 10:10(amp)

Men, come to join us and do some overflowin'! A lot of what we have planned involves making noise. Whether we are listening to loud mufflers, shooting guns, driving nails, cutting wood, or talking with our brothers, we will make a joyful noise to the Lord!

Men tend to fall into the trap of just surviving life. We're working so hard to survive in our jobs, home, and even our relationship with the Lord that we don't see how good life can really be!  Join us as we come together to learn how to do more than just survive.  Let's learn to THRIVE! 


Leader: Keith Reeder

Upcoming Events

Monday, January 6th & 20th - Men's meeting & supper @ 7 pm in the Youth Room.